What We Carry

Versa-Steel offers a variety of steel products for use in large-scale commercial and industrial construction projects. Below is some general information. Please click one of the gray buttons to the right for more detailed information.

Steel Beams - Wide Flange (WF), Welded Wide Flange (WWF), H-Piling (HP), Split T (WT)
Among our most popular products are our steel beams. They come in Wide Flange (WF), Welded Wide Flange (WWF), H-Piling (HP), and some split T (WT) beams. Our beams are available for sale, rent, or buy-back.
Bridges - 2 Railroad bridges for sale
  • 10-Span, 467’ long
  • 88’ Truss Span
Heavy Duty Shoring Towers
We have 8 shoring towers in varying sizes.


The New Bay Bridge-Skyway

Versa supplies Heavy Falsework for the new Bay Bridge